Longpants "BASUNDARA" Series
Rp 300.000
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"BASUNDARA" These trousers are made of material that has Tropic Repellent & Quick Dry for temporary protection from light rain or splashes of water & dries quickly when wet. Stretch fabric in various directions to support movement during activities Equipped with 1 side pocket that closes using a zipper At the ends of the pants, the design is tapered for the purpose of making it easier to move and comfortable when cycling. At the waist there is an elastic band velcro to reduce and tighten the waistband. Trousers Garanggati Series has a fairly good airflow because at the front of the pants there are air ventilation holes with Laser Technology. No less important, the Elbrusland Pants "BASUNDARA" series is enhanced with Bartek Technology in several important parts of the pants that are able to increase the stitching to become stronger & more durable.
Color : Black
Material : 4 Way Stretch & Quick Dry Velcro Band Adjust Side Pocket With Zip Ykk

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